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Project proposal for the territory near Konyushkovo village development 2015


Russian Federation government Federal Center. Eurasian integration Center 2012


Consolidated sketch projet as a part of Imeretinskya nizmenost territory designing detailed project, Sochi 2011


Natural and recreational zone Utrish Durso, Krasnodar Territory. The town-planning concept of development 2011


The uniform concept of architectural development of the XXII Olympic Winter and XI Paralimpijsky games in 2014 year territory in Sochi 2010 (in collaboration with Asadov studio)


Islands - conceptual suggestions on of the of Sochi waters development 2009 (in collaboration with Asadov studio)


Development of the general plan updating of the Dnepropetrovsk coastal zone "The Green ring". The whole length is 25 km 2006 (in collaboration with Asadov studio)


The concept of the development. Crimea, Kiev. The design offer 2005


Settlement on the Baltym lake 2004