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«Islands» - conceptual suggestions on of the of Sochi waters development (2009)
(in collaboration with Asadov studio)

Address: Sochi water area

Project: 2009
Project managers: Saprichian K.V., Asadov A.R.
Architects: Saprichian K.V., Asadov A.R., Asadov A.A., Zolotuhin Е., Nasyrov B., Korenev I.

This series of projects are economic alternatives to leveed Islands. All of them have a specific connection with Sochi seashore, but could be made in any other water area.
By the further development of all concepts maximal use of ecological technologies - alternative energy sources (the sun, a wind, sea currents), sea water demineralization, intensive roofs gardening, the maximal recycling of waste products, etc. was supposed.
Despite of binding to Sochi, each project could appear in any water area, forming ecological oases both in the center of sea resorts, and in the places removed from the civilization.

PIER-HOTEL - this is the most realistic vision for the development of marine piers on the site of a future Olympic Games. To re-built docking facilities have commercial value, are invited to supplement their plate hotels that are suspended in the rare individual pillars. The roof of the hotel becomes an additional public space, a smooth flow at the level of the coastal park.