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Draft design of the embankment improvement in Krasnogorsk (2017)

Project: 2017
Project leader: Saprichyan K.
Main project architect: Sinikov E.A., Silachyeva I.N.
Architects: Berezin V.I., Kalinin A.O., Kalinina V.A.
Ch. constructor: A. Shakhforostov
Constructor: A. Timofeyich

Total area – 7 hectares
  The projected territory is provided for the placement of public urban space along the embankment of Moscow River, including the reconstruction of the actual embankment and the breakdown of the city park along it with all the necessary infrastructure for year-round recreation of citizens. Within the framework of the architectural and town planning concept, the location, correlation and parameters of the planned functional zones, the distribution of capital construction objects, the optimal functional-planning and transport solution for the development of the territory in coordination with the surrounding buildings were specified.

Variant 1

Variant 2